Getting ready for a busy season!

May 30, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

So, as spring has bid us farewell and summer has come into view I’m all set for blue skies and revelry. The sun is out, clouds are sparse and the wedding high season is upon me. I’m often asked about the range of wedding venues where I work. Luckily, I get to photograph weddings in places that are truly stunning. This summer is no exception and I can’t wait to get stuck in. Some of these are old favourites and some are new ones!

Each venue has its own ambience and its own look. This is part of the reason why I love what I do. As a photographer, with over five hundred weddings under my belt, I feel very privileged to be able to photograph couples in these unique settings time and time again. It certainly never gets old – even if I’ve been to a venue ten or twenty times before. I’m always finding new perspectives, new ways of using light and new areas of the grounds that a lot of these venues have to hand.

I’ll be heading over to Down Hall once again, always a pleasure. With over a hundred acres of pristine grounds, there are so many possibilities. It’s a veritable embarrassment of riches in terms of framing shots and the couples always reap the benefits. I know where the most photogenic areas are, having shot there numerous times but I’m always able to bring something different to what I do there. I’ll be heading to London in the near future at the Guildhall. Beyond that, I’ll be venturing up to Lancashire to the amazing Eaves Hall. Set in some lovely grounds again, it’s always a pleasure going the length and breadth of the country. As they say, variety is the spice of life.

I’m quite accustomed to being on the road far and wide -  I see a huge selection of venues and I’ve always got a fresh outlook in terms of ideas for how to get the best from the many locations I’ve photographed weddings at. When I get to a new venue one of the first things I do after saying hello to everyone is to do an in-depth walk round. That way, if I’m in a new setting I already know where you’re going to look your best!

Looking ahead, there are many more weddings to photograph and many more couples to see for meetings even further down the line. Following on from the summer season, I may (just about) get a bit more sun as I’ll be off to Maniago near Venice in October to call in on my good friends at Graphistudio. Graphistudio is my wedding album suppliers and it’s important to us both that I see, in person,  all the new products they are producing so I can give you the best options for your album. I’m always looking for the next level and these guys never disappoint.  Whilst I’m there, I’ll also be tucking into the best air dried ham on this planet. It’s a hard life….


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